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Chances Are

by Fire Chief Charlie

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Shaunessy Quinn
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Shaunessy Quinn My favorite album from this great band. I listen to it all the time, constantly on loop! Favorite track: We On The Radio.
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Celery Green 02:51
Celery has got an eye, freckles, and another eye, And where Celery goes Celery will decide. Celery has got a smile That's occasionally wild. Anything Celery sees Celery can become With the unseeable things Under Celery’s thumb May as well be raining May be sunny in-between But most of all it's Celery green Celery has got a mind For the feathers that she finds Wherever feathers are falling She follows behind Wearing a string on her finger Celery designed May as well be raining May be sunny in-between There are things unsingable, ordinarily But she's a dream in celery green Celery's inside a square Celery is everywhere There's Celery in the tree Celery stands beside Celery says good morning To Celery at night Hey Celery! And another Celery might Just be the Celery seen Wearing celery green
LaGuardia 02:40
People, sleepy to work Window baker in the window alone. They eat with open mouths — Ahhhh! I had to go to school. They teach in daylight While you find a new crush. The substitute came in our home room Said, "Go ahead you'll figure out fast How late a working man works." Sleepy people today Strangers sitting on their luggage alone.
Boris 04:10
Honey’s eyes are gold Honey’s eyes are double-fold and twisted through my head Again, go again they wrap around the dead Like honey purring There’s fire from the air There’s embers barely settled and they’re dancing everywhere We dare, how we dare to call the whole thing terrible There’s a conversation that we had There’s a lump of pillows in my bed Baby’s lips are done The finger on the trigger now that’s how you get it done Bend, go and bend that’s how you win someone Darling dance around the stone All these birds are pigeon-toed and dancing through my head Again and again, shake those hips my blue jean baby There’s a conversation that we had There’s a lump of pillows in my bed I will play the nurse if you play dead We will drop pianos, ammo, yes sirs, on your heads
Bull-Hammer 04:20
Sing us a song about Bull-Hammer It’s a good one, make it up son He took all the teeth from the cadavers Of bad men who broke the law Below his shadow grown folks would cower Their hearts beating like cowards’ In fifteen minutes he’d swim two channels With his hands tied to his gun Don’t you know the model is run? Summer day ladies won’t have such stuff Don’t you know the people want love? Love? Love? Could he be gentle, that Bull-Hammer? We ask with optimism He chased off the blues with great fields of lavender flowers and his vision Don’t you know the formula’s done? All the old tappers have heard enough Don’t you know the people want more? More? More? Now I say: Go and leave your wagons at home There’s no fire Go and leave you ladders at home There’s no desire for hire Soon the distraction of his bloody action Forced a mean streak through the media Who needs protection from dentured criminals? And who’s sleeping with the dentist? Don’t you know the song’s gotten cold? Plastic cab fellows don’t want that fluff When everybody’s falling in love Love, Love Go and leave your heartache at home You’re full of desire to go higher Go and leave that bad day alone You’re full of desire We all along have loved Bull-Hammer The tough lug giving bear hugs To all the people who scamp and scatter Like ants under the rug
Let's be happy or beheaded I don't, I won't not get it Let's be happy And if I say hello again let it be for the last time And if I break my bones again let it be for the last time Let's be lonely 'Cause I only shrink and think unholy Let's be lonely And if I say hello again let it be for the last time And if I break my bones again let it be for the last time Let's be happy or dead-ended I don't, no I won't pretend it's — Let's be happy And if I say hello again let it be for the last time And if I break my bones again let it be for the last time Man, when I find my skin again will it be for the last time? And if I fall in love again let it be for the last time Let it be for the last time
Animals 03:51
Take off your wool-mouth and sharpen your gums Throw back the sawhorse with newspaper paws And keep on singing like animals The weather in autumn is moving toward frost We fumble with nets for the things that we’ve lost And keep on singing like animals If someone could watch us and translate our laws Governor Will-Nill, elected because Georgie the lion’s asleep on his arms Call in the doctor and don’t do no harm And keep on singing like animals We hide on hillsides and eat things for fun We float like horseflies on ribbons of love Bullets of honey to sweeten the bluff … Keep on singing like animals
Chip Chirp 03:44
Neighbor Helen: Good morning son, I knew you hadn’t gone away What with the bolted door and breakfast dishes in the sink to stay Sunken with the suds and grey Hey, hey! Operator! Operator! Tell the preacher there’s more for later! Tell the mailman and the writers! Tell the business and the buyers! Jason, your toes are singing songs about your thumbs and oranges What’s in the woods? “It’s good!” I’ve heard the people say But what of bears? Who cares! You’re living day to day Hey, hey! Operator! Operator! Tell the preacher there’s more for later! Tell the husband and his mistress! Tell the courts and every witness! Punches and hits that make a pleasant parlor game — This time next year our evenings will have rearranged and changed Ducks in the vents they quack in merry melody — Helen, the din’s removed me from my gallantry and turned me on my head Grandpa washed the windows at the factory, I clean the glass at the corner grocery I live next to some modern men – they’re going places But I’m just working on who I am by making faces at them Don’t bury the car and I won’t bury your name
I think a thought You are a color And then you are not. Would it be odd? If you told me I’d be yours because Lovely you are I’m blue and sure that you’re dictionary red Tell me the truth Please don't play games I want no one to lose I would have proof if you’d hold me Chances are you’ve already been told How lovely you are And I couldn't meddle with What had been settled before me I'm blue and sure that you're Dictionary red. At once — or before To you I offer, though Chances are you’ve already been told How lovely you are And I couldn't meddle with What had been settled before me I’ll be the blue to your Dictionary red
I don’t need no situation, I don’t need no god or nation please I know not even why The fortune came from West Virginia, said for sure there’s some good in ya, see? I know not even why Sire, we inquire, what’s the matter? Why so cold? A whistle-blower and a sinner, cleans his hands before his dinner, see? I know not even why No I know not even why Hey brother Paul, I heard that you saw me Up against a wall, singing we’re on the radio Hey son-in-law, I’ve something to show you Guns and arrows drawn, such a sight to see on the radio Broadcast to all ages, take it through the stages Away we go Fires gives me tires, makes me tired, makes me old Hey city judge, how do you find me? Am I just in love or is that behind me? Does this shit blind me? Choirs give out fliers, watch the wires, seeing songs Tell us when you’re hard of hearing, tell us that the mic’s endearing, please I know not even why I know not even why No I know not even why I try
Elephant Box 04:46
Mama, don’t you cry for what they told you For what they told you You sit and wonder why the summer’s colder You’re one day older Don’t you tear the brain from the peel You sent your farewell What’s believing? She’s leaving me under the swell Whispers in the rain Mama, cover me Love me, don’t scare me again Walk with purpose, child Walk with grace Just like she told you, like she told you Kisses wash your face Turn your heart Only so far, don’t go too far Yeah, you saw my hand in the drawer Who’s behind the door? What’s the mess and the dress and those clothes on the floor? Grew up in the dark Now I’m playing in places too far from the yard Don’t you play with the way that I feel I’m sitting on the fence With the sun on my neck and my head in my hands Nothing goes as planned Nor that thing in the dark in the dust where it stands Nor do I in the dark in the dust where I stand Please, sing me a love song
Redford 03:16
There’s a well-dressed man in the records shop Spitting out words, “Not good enough!” He keeps it low so don’t bother the cops The envelopes contain albums of sound Kids of the block come and gather around It plays in codes but we can figure it out Speak to us, you’re so well-to-do “Think me a mirror that’s looking at you” He paid his rent then he went from the room Tell me how far you’re willing to fall — on the double! Fear not to look too hard Tell me where and who you are, and how your soul will keep out of trouble Learning comes hard Like taking shots in the dark Do not go I told me so Don’t be something you’re not That’s what you are There’s a man dressed in awesome robes in the visitor’s shop He sees your mistakes and he’s calling them out In low magenta, orange that’s red Kinder blues than the blues that water your head Is it you? Or is it me? Don’t you see we’ve always been speaking in doubles? Tell me how far you’re willing to fall if you’re troubled? There’s cannonballs in your little paws Answers come, honest, all Only after a fall
There's a feeling that beats living alone And feeling lonesome Trade it in for something wholesome, Share yourself instead! And take the Fast Track 500 Up on a mountain Where the trees stand tall I ask for nothing But under it all I feel the rumbling That gets me home again I take the Fast Track 500! I'm onto being Until the day I become And each day after I'm looking ahead and getting faster Rinse, repeat, don't end! To the wishers and those who wonder why We talk of freedom And look to the sky It's if we see some It'll come around again We’ll take the fast track 500!


released March 25, 2017

produced by Adam Merrin

Jonah Malarsky: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jamie Malarsky: vocals, percussion, harmonica, xylophone, shruti, bass (tr. 5)
Lucas Dunning: drums, cowbell (tr. 7)
Eric Radoux: bass, lead guitar, trumpet, vocals
Darren Schroader: dancing, vocals
Adam Merrin: keys, piano, percussion
Ellie Wyatt: strings
Katia Malarsky: vocals (tr. 7, 12)
Josh Hambrock: synthesizer (tr. 2)
Ryan Alvarez: vocals (tr. 6, 12)
Patrick Kelly: guest vocals (tr. 1, 6)
Kacy Treadway: guest vocals (tr. 7)

Recorded at The Lab in Van Nuys, CA, and the Husbands That Cook House in Eagle Rock, CA, June through September 2016.

Engineered by Frankie Siragusa and Adam Merrin
Mixed by Jim Watts
Additional mixing by Adam Merrin
Mastered by Mark Galup and Erik Thompson at Reel Recording in Nashville, TN

Arrangements by Fire Chief Charlie
All music and lyrics by Jonah Malarsky (BMI)
except "LaGuardia" music and lyrics by Josh Hambrock and Jonah Malarsky
String arrangements on "Let's Be Happy" and "Redford" by Ellie Wyatt

Photography by Brooke Hostetter
Artwork by Jonah Malarsky
Cover layout by Fire Chief Charlie

THANK YOU to our families, friends, and to Tobi Lynn and Stand Up 8 Productions


all rights reserved



Fire Chief Charlie Los Angeles, California

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